1999 BMW 323i Q&A

1999 BMW 323i Question: My car keeps shutting off while I'm driving and I am able to turn it back on...

but it happens every day at least four times. What could be wrong? -
Answer 1
I can't speak for a 99 BMW, but I have experienced something similar on my 1998 Honda Accord. The Honda dealer believes it is a problem with the ignition switch. It may be worn and telling the car it has been shut off, even if you don't touch the key. I also had problems starting the car. He suggested that once I turn it to the start position and then release it slowly, not letting it "snap" back to the run condition. This has temporarily addressed my problem until I can get the car in and have the switch replaced. -
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That's what I thought it was in the begining but it turned out to be the crankshaft sensor... thanks -
Answer 2
Common cause for such a condition is the crankshaft position sensor. -
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yes it was that, I changed it and is working much better now, but now another thing came up...for some reason everytime I stop the car it starts shaking a lot =( -