my car keeps killing new batteries. the battery warning light, the break light on 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL

and the add coolant lights are on and the volt meter is at 8 volts.

Bad alternator or no power at alternator.
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Have your charging system tested, most part stores will do this for free, maybe where you bought your battery. Maybe a parasitic draw test could be an answer.
I've had a similar issue, two separate times, fixed by alternator replacement and identifying parasitic drain.
To test parasitic drain: With car cold/off for 30 minutes, set multimeter to 10-20 amps and remove your positive battery terminal from battery and complete the circuit with multimeter diodes. The voltage should show a number near 50-60 mA normally for passive systems. If the number is significantly higher, pull fuses one at a time until the mA drops <100 mA. Then you've found your culprit.