2001 Kia Optima Q&A

2001 Kia Optima Question: My car just stops while driving then it will start again and stop again then run

i have replaced fuel filter -
Answer 1
Check engine light on when it is running? -
Comment 1
yes,it will come on then go off then come back on. -
Comment 2
Ok, there are trouble codes stored in the computers memory, go to Advance or Auto Zone and have the codes read and post the code numbers and we can advise. -
Comment 3
codes are P0171 and P0335 -
Comment 4
Have the Crankshaft Position Sensor checked/replaced, not DIY repair, behind timing belt cover, i think! May also have a vacuum leak. -
Comment 5
Had those checked already, i am at a loss. The engine light went out today so I will see how long thst lasts. Thank you -
Comment 6
Checked how? By whom?? Google OBDII troble codes and check out PO335! Good luck with it. -