2003 Subaru Legacy Q&A

2003 Subaru Legacy Question: my car it doesnt seem like it wants to move then gets into gear,

it seems like it has trouble switching gears then it will go, it has a good shake to it as you slow down, and when it does have trouble it can back fire sometimes and spudders -
Answer 1
I would take it to a tranny shop and see if they can diagnose the problem -
Answer 2
trans fluid level and see if its burn"t -
Answer 3
Hi hubbardlexi, The concerns that you are describing could be from multiple different issues, ranging from transmission troubles, clogged catalytic converter, faulty oxygen sensor(s), clogged fuel filter, weak/failing fuel pump,etc. If you are still having the issues and would like it properly diagnosed, please call or e-mail me. Our shop specializes in Subarus and I'm sure we can help! Thanks, Jason Malo jason@theautodoctor.net Advanced Auto, Inc. dba Advanced Automotive Performance 616A Douglas St. Uxbridge, MA 01569 Phone: 508-278-6615 www.theautodoctor.net -