my car it doesnt seem like it wants to move then gets into gear, on 2003 Subaru Legacy

it seems like it has trouble switching gears then it will go, it has a good shake to it as you slow down, and when it does have trouble it can back fire sometimes and spudders

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trans fluid level and see if its burn"t
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trans fluid level and see if its burn"t
I would take it to a tranny shop and see if they can diagnose the problem
Hi hubbardlexi,

The concerns that you are describing could be from multiple different issues, ranging from transmission troubles, clogged catalytic converter, faulty oxygen sensor(s), clogged fuel filter, weak/failing fuel pump,etc. If you are still having the issues and would like it properly diagnosed, please call or e-mail me. Our shop specializes in Subarus and I'm sure we can help!

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