my car is stuck on valet mode on 2001 Jaguar XJ8

my car is stuck in the valet mode and my trunk will not open at all, not even with the keys what should i do to get it off valet mode and access my trunk area

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I found this on a Jaguar forum " the only way to reset the valet button (because I just did this) is to open the trunk manually with the key. Stick the key in the little hole between the X and the K on the rear panel label. There is a hole for it- it hard to see. This will reset your buttons and open your trunk." it is the procedure for a slightly older Jaguar but may apply. I remember there is a "green" valet key and a valet switch above the radio. I'll look in the owners manuals tomorrow and see if has instructions.
I have the same issue, I just bought my 2001 Jaguar and I pushed the "valet mode" button without knowing anything about it now I have to try what you have placed here and hope it will work.

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I had problems for nearly a year of my 99 XK8 going into limp mode and stalling. I replaced the Fuel Filter of all things and she runs pretty good. I have also replaced belts, constantly filling it up with coolent. Cup holder just broke. Seats have went to hell over the year. i love this car but it seems like a daily investment to keep pretty.