my car is smoking in two places on 1993 Buick Regal

my car is smoking in two places on the right side of the car, first i notice toward the back of the engine in the second place is sort of in the same location just in the middle right side what do u think it is the intake mainford cover or what?

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Best thing to do is stop by P and K automotive in San Francisco, Peng or Kok will check this for you 2598 Bayshore Blvd San Francisco, CA 94134 Tell them Repairpal sent you
The best and only thing to do is have somebody who can professionally inspect your vehicle first. Do you see Smoke only? or you see fluids on the ground. What color is the fluid. Is it slimmy or clear, gold color or pinkish color. All this can factor the problem. You did to also Id your car on your next post. Year, Make and Model will help on a post as to most car's have inhert problems from vehicle manufacture engineering. If you need further assistant . Please visit our website and contact us.
buick 1993 is the make , no oil on the ground , the color of the liquid is black i assume its oil