my car is smoking and squirts water from the engine when I turn it on. on 1999 Land Rover Discovery

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It seems ok when I let it run and then it starts smoking
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Yall ever get tired of JUST giving out advivice with no reply to it.??........well whaddya know...._!. maybe it worked!
Might as well....cause we dont hardly ever get a reply from the person that posted the question.....unless they want to argue with a mechanic!!! they think we getting paid for free advice!
You mean you DON"T get a check in the mail every month from repairpal? Maybe I just lucked out!
Next to the engine block left side, white smoke. Looks like it may be a busted hose but im not sure
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Get a cooling system pressure tester and pressure up the cooling system to force the leak and find it.
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