My car is smells like its burning oil, How do i fix this? on 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

We power washed the engine and then drove it for a little while and it looks like its coming from the back cylinder area. Does this sound like it could be correct? Or does anyone have any other suggestions to offer up? Thanks...

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Have a dye test performed to find the source.
Is it something that i can do, or do I need to bring it to a shop and have done. Mind you my auto mechanics backround is that of "not a whole hell of alot". However I am a fast learner so if i see it done i'm pretty sure i can do it. What do ya think? Also thank you for your help.
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agree with all listed
If you power washed it and smell like its burning oil,you put oil on the exhaust or you washed oil on the exhaust,yes in back of the cylinder head are your exhaust,In the mean time check the oil level
Thank you..
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