1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue Q&A

1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue Question: My car is shuting off when I come to a stop light why is this?

I recently filled up at a gas station that I go to could there it be dirty gas ( to much water or need a fuel injection cleaning)? please answer asap thanks................... -
Answer 1
do u ahve a ck eng light on? -
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The check engine light has been on for a while before this started. -
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If you can get the trouble codes and reply with the 'DTC' #s we can be of more help.I suspect you'll have mis-fire codes P0300-P0306 , along with other(s). -
Answer 2
How much fuel was in the tank BEFORE you filled-up and how far(miles/time) did you go before the symptoms started and when it stalls is it hard to re-start?.........AND the above question! -
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Before I filled up I had gas level was at the line before "E" and it started when I was leaving the station but I was able to continue it felt like the car did not want to go when I was giving it gas and I always stay with the same gas company "BP" I get the 87 octane. I keep hearing I may need a tune up which is something i have not done I have put a lot of money in this car. What do you think from my it may be ? -
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Might try changing the fuel filter. Try to save some of what comes out in a bucket or something CLEAN to inspect for contaminants. Does the BP station you go to sell BIO-Diesel if so , i've seen it many times that people accidently pumped from that nozzle instead of the gas nozzle. Yours definitly wouldn't be the first! -