My car is overheating and I had the AC relaced last year.
I just had the oil on 1999 Plymouth Neon

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changed and air filter replaced but if the air cond is turned up more than very little the guage starts heading to hot and I have to turn the heat on and blower to releave the motor so it doesn't overheat. What else could cause this? Does my car have a thermostat? where is it if it does and how much does it usually run to replace. Thank you. Rainy
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I would check to see whether or not your cooling fan or fans are coming on first and foremost. The A/C puts a big load on the engine and will cause it to over heat with out the fan(s) running.
The fans are running. If I use the interior cooling fan even for a second the heat rises rapidly. So I don't use that and it was replaced too. I'd just like to know what to expect next. I have taken really good care of this car. Help and thank you

radiator cracked
we have the same problem w our dont know what causes it but we hot wired the fans to run direct which means they run as soon as the key is turned on maybe you should try that...good luck hope this helps