My car is over heating. on 2006 Buick Rendezvous

My car is over heating. I put antifreeze in the radiator, but the car still does not sucks up all of the antifreeze and continues to over heat. I checked it for a leak. I could find any leak. What could it be?

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Many possibilities for an overheat condition. Lack of coolant, stuck thermostat or electric cooling fans not working. Try turning on the A/c to see if the cooling fans activate.If they don't turn on , then possible bad fan motor,fuse, relay or computer.
Hello I have a question plzzz so I opened my hood to my 2004 BUICK RENDEZVOUS an I was looking at the fuses 2 of the grey fuses have dark brown on them does that mean they are burnt out an need to be replaced .. I ask because my engine fans are not coming on an its over heating . I checked the fuses inside the car an they are all gud . thanks have a nice day cindy