2001 Chevrolet Metro Q&A

2001 Chevrolet Metro Question: my car is not going into reverse

I turn my car on and it doesnt go into reverse. The other gears work and the car rolls back when i put it into neutral so it isnt the emergency brake. I put two quarts of transmission fluid in because it had none. Why is this happening? Whats wrong with it? How much to fix it? -
Answer 1
If it was that low on fluid, the transmission may have been damaged. These problems are better off in the hands of a qualified transmission shop. Try to find an ATRA shop in your are or another that rebuilds transmissions. http://bit.ly/ATRA_Info http://repairpal.com/california-auto-repair -
Answer 2
I flushed out my car and it does not go in reverse -
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