My car is misfiring piston #2. How much should this cost to repair? on 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

I am looking for a reasonable estimate to repair misfiring piston #2.

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You need to have fuel, spark and compression for the cylinder to fire. Most shops, like ours, charge a diagnostic fee of about an hour or in our case $108.00 to have the technicians inspect the vehicle. You can remove the coil, spark plug and inspect it yourself. When was the last time you tuned the vehicle up? How many miles are on the current set of plugs.
The spark plugs and coil pack has been replaced last week. There are 112k miles on the car. The check engine light is still on and the car dies at the stop light. What I need to know is how much it will cost to repair.
I have no idea how much it will cost to fix since we still don't know what's wrong. First swap coil and see if the misfire follows... Next, swap the spark plug and see if the misfire follows. With any luck, you may just have a bad part. If there's no change then you may have a bad injector, computer or worse, low compression in that cylinder. You still have some work to do before a repair can be made.
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I have a 2007 Cobalt. I had the same problem with mine, piston had to be replaced along with a bunch of other stuff that shouldn't be necessary on a 5 y/o car. The mechanic said this happened because GM didn't design the engine in a manner that would allow the carbon to release, therefore it builds up and you have issues. The repair cost $1800.00. This vehicle has solidified my decision to never purchase another GM product again...I don't care if it's just a dang keychain!!
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