2002 Ford Taurus Q&A

2002 Ford Taurus Question: my car is leaking from I think is a worn out hose. Is there an easy way to check

this is a small leak, but I'm guessing its from a hose but I don't know which one. How do you check the hoses in a ford tauras. -
Answer 1
What color is the fluid? -
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the fluid is clear, it looks like water. -
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If it looks like water, does it feel like oil, power steering fluid? Was wanting to suggest a dye to put into the system to help find the leak, but we need to know which dye for which liquid. Are you adding any fluid. -
Answer 2
if it is anti freeze thats leaking you can pressure test system for leaks...like prof asked what color is the fluid -
Answer 3
could it be a/c condensation -
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