My car is hard to start after it ran out of gas. on 1992 Toyota Camry

My daughters boyfriend let my car run out of gas and now it is hard to get it to start. He removed the thermostat and broke the ect wires.He was looking in the wrong place for the thermostat. Neither have been replaced yet. I noticed you said there is a cold start sensor. Could the be the problem?

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Yes that could be problem , but hecould of burnt pump up trying to start with no fuel...
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im not going to ask why he messed with thermostat when running out of fuel just a thought. hard to start but does it start eventually? if it starts eventually it probably suck residue at bottom of the tank might a fuel sys cleaning, try injector cleaner with a full tank. if it doesnt start eventually i a gree with steevies pump might have gone.