my car is dead prior to start up? No lights, no radio, no keyless entry. Nothing on 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I bought my 2006 chrysler pacifica a week ago, 46,000 miles on it! It's not fuses or relay AS FAR AS i CAN TELL. I tried switching relays around and not even a ding sound when I open my door... Yes relay switch it turned on! Some1 told me to reset my keyless entry, only problem with that is my owners manual says "If the key works, the keyless entry is already programmed in and I only have the 1 key! Please help!

Asked by for the 2006 Chrysler Pacifica
test battery 1st and then charging system
the battery is fine... when I put the key in it starts right up... but befor plasing the key in when i go to start it theres nothing!
ck all fuses and have all modlues scanned for codes and post so we can adv.
I'm taking my car to Audio Unlimitted tomarrow... they seem to think they can fix my problem, I'll post again after I take it in to let every1 know what they said or did! ;-)
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