My car is a 96 Grand Am doesn't want to start on 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

I just replaced the battery on the car also had the starter checked and for some reason the car still doesn't want to turn on. It doesn't even kick over the lights come on and that's about it. There's also the theft system light that is on the dash board. Don't have the money to take it to the dealership need some help please.

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poss anti theft issue with communication between key nad skim or starter
I checked the starter out it is still good.
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Theft system could be the problem. Rather than dealer other shops can fix this problem.
Thank you. Is there anyway to bypass the system? I checked out a few videos on YouTube I guess there's a lot of grand sms with the same problem or just GM also.
Theft system on those models can be bypassed....I cannot give you the procedure in a forum of this nature. The cost to fix that usually means replacement of ignition lock cylinder is not a lot more in cost.
By any chance do you know how much this would cost to change the ignition? Once again thank you.
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