My car idles high when I start it in the morning. on 1992 Lexus LS400

This fast idling problem occurs every morning when I start my car. I've changed my air filter, cleaned the air flow meter, check for vacuum leaks, and changed the thermostat. But I still have the same problem. The car hesitates to change into gear until it warms up, and it kicks violently when I shift it into gear as long as it's cold, and I'm afraid that that will cause transmission damage.I need to solve this high idling problem ASAP.I'm looking for any advice from anyone out there, thanks.

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I believe it's Normal in most cars to have a higher
idle wnen you first start it until it warms up.I think you know this, but apparently yours is higher then normal. May only need a minor adjustment.
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i would check two things:

- idle air control valve
- throttle position sensor

good luck!
what kind of revs it going to?
that all just sounds like your explaining what a cars like when its cold tbh :D
as long as its below 2000 its fine id say, if it bothers you that much and worried it will do damage (which it wont) then just give the car five mins to heat up before you drive it