my car hit a mud pot hole last night and pooted out and cut off on 2000 Ford Focus

the car started back up but idled a little rough then when put into drive the car would cut off completely, nowthis morning the car will not statr at all, took the fuel line off the top at injectors and there is no gas coming out

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ck inertia switch it may need to be reset. its the fuel shut off in case of emerg. its located in rt kick panel near p/s feet
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Reset your inertia switch. Should show location in owner's manual. Usually under the passenger side dash in right kick panel. Locate reset button and hold for 15 seconds. Turn key to accessory position for 5 secs. then back to off. Do this three times. Then crank engine on 4th try. Allow engine to run for about a minute then you should be fine.
Inertia switch!
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