2005 Toyota Corolla Q&A

2005 Toyota Corolla Question: my car hesitates on acceleration,

Had these codes. P0123 TPS A circuit high input P2103 Throttle actuator control circuit high, P3125 TPS A/B Voltage correlation -
Answer 1
Will need scanner to ckeck TPS% from closed throttle to wot. KOEO. -
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Scanner can read codes but can,t read Data stream. It gives a no communication info. I use snap-on solus pro. When I Erase the DTCs and recheck after i get ( No DTC detected) but the Malfunction indicator Lamp(MIL) will not go off. I have replace the throttle twice. -
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What is the code(s) must be hard fault if lamp won't go off. Most all scanners can read TPS%. -
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Thanks for your quick response. please these are the codes: P0123 Throttle position sensor switch A circuit high input P2103 Throttle actuator control motor high P2135 Throttle/Pedal position sensor switch 'A'/'B' voltage correlation. When I Erase the scanner shows no faults but the MIL will still be on. The fault is intermittent. -
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Thank you all for your help. I have managed to solve the problem with the Corolla. it was the Electronic control Unit. (ECU) I'm most greatful to you all. -
Answer 2
seek diag and est to determine problem a scanner will be needed -
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