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1997 Plymouth Voyager Question: My car hesitates and sputters and dies during deceleration and stopping.

I am having an impossible time with my 1997 Plymouth Voyager. During acceleration it hesitates and sputters and the RPM gauge drops and recovers repeatedly. When I pull to idle the car will shut down completely. When I decelerate and come to a stop I have to shift into neutral and give it gas in order to keep it on. The tachometer continues to drop out and spike back up. Then when I accelerate, it hesitates again. After driving it for about 10-15 minutes, it works great and I have no problems, however, just letting it idle in the morning to warm up will not prevent it from happening. It also seems to be more severe in colder temperatures. It isn’t running hot or overheating. We have replaced all the spark plugs, the transmission, The BCM, the outer fuel filter and the air filter and each time the mechanic says that the problem will be fixed in the meantime all he is doing is making more and more money. Can someone help, I can’t afford to keep dumping money into this thing but I need the car? -
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