my car have problem when i start car car some time run good some time dont . on 1993 Lexus LS400

problem is that run mile two mile good after that eingen light come on car loos power dont move when u put gas car make a nose when u put low geer move very slow cat dont go farward and off drive light on off on we did lot of things i dont know what i do pleas help me .when i park car after two 3 days car run good 2 mile after eigen light on then same problem when i park after 2or 3 days crank car if eigen light come on car dont have power and move very very slow thanks

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scan test for codes
We must have pushed send at the same time! I agree though.
You need to take it to a mechanic and get a scan test then you will know what may be the problem. We can't say here!
seek diag and est