My car have no trottle response. on 2007 Toyota Corolla

A while back my check engine light came on and it would hard shift when starting off. I had a friend run a code to see what was wrong. The code said it was my speed sensor and needs to be replaced. I didnt replaced it cause 3 days later the light went away and it ran fine for about 6 months but just a few days ago the light came back on and 3 time after running my car there would be no trottle response. I would turn it off and re-start it and it would run fine but now the 4th time I tried turning it off and on about 10 times and still no trottle response. Please advise what to do next, thanks.

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Have a MECHANIC run a scan test on the engine! Possible throttle control system malfunction.
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Sounds like there is an intermittent problem. A loose abs speed sensor or bad abs speed sensor can cause the car to go into a limp mode which can affect throttle response and shifting.

I would recommend to bring it into a knowledgable shop and have them lift it up and take a look at the sensors and make sure there is nothing wrong with the speed sensors themselves as well as the connection.