my car has started making a faint scraping noise in the back on 2006 Honda Accord

Louder when the windows are down (LOL!) best heard on passenger side, heard most of the time but does go away occasionally, no changes from braking or turning. Seems to be coming from the rear. Any ideas?

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Could be the rear wheel bearing is going bad, but I would check the brake pads and discs first. You may just need to change the rear pads because they are worn down and the pad thickness 'feeler' is starting to touch the disc signaling time to replace pads.
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the scraping noise might be your brakes. you should have disc brakes on the rear and the pads have metal tangs called wear limitters. they start scraping befor the pad is totally gone and start being metal to metal, on your rotor, and ruining your rotor completely. i live in lake elsinore and charge $30 plus parts to change brakes. most honda accord brakes are about $20. for front or back brakes. if your rotors are groved from abnormal wear. it costs between $12 to $15 each to be resurfaced. depending which place i can get them done at quickest. and takes about 30 minutes each to be resurfaced. grooved rotors can wear new brakes down quickly. my email is, if youd like to talk to me more.