my car has no electrical power on 2005 Honda Accord

it is just like i have a dead batery but the battery tests OK, is there a main fuse or something??

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Your car does have "fuse Links" which are capable of carrying higher current than regular fuses. They are located in the fuse box in the engine compartment. If the car has been accidentally jump started incorrectly (jumper cables hooked up incorrectly) a main fuse link can blow. Ensure battery cables are secure, clean, and tight. A fully charged battery should read 12.6 volts. Do you head lights illuminate brightly when you turn on the head light switch? Do the dash lights turn on when you turn the ignition switch to the "on position"?
I have a 2004 Honda Accord V6. I drove to the store one day and when I got out of the store (approx. 10 mins.), I use the remote to unlock the car, got in and try to start the engine but nothing happen. It was dead. No crank, no radio, could not use my remote lock the car. It's like someone remove the battery while I was in the store. I open the hood and everything looks normal. The battery was there. Slam the hood down, and it started fine. What puzzled me the most is how I was able to unlock the car using my remote and 2 seconds later there is no power. This has happen to me about 3 times in the pass year or so. The last time it happen I was waiting in the drive thru and I turn off the engine while waiting. Again I pop the hood and slam it down and it started. Any idea what's going on?
I have the same problem with a 2006 accord v6. Randomly will go out to car and zero power, I even have to re-enter the radio code. Can jump start and it will work fine until the next time. New battery and clean terminals.

What did you do to fix yours?

Hiya, it was nice to read your reply and it was very helpful. I have no dash lights when I turn the ignition switch on and there is no head lights at all. Car is completely dead. I even bought the new battery to find the solution, but seems like, either it is a fuse or maybe relay. Any suggestion?
what didi you do to fix it any help would be appreciated
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Seems like it is the fuse then. But seems like it is a battery fuse. How can I change the battery fuse in HONDA ACCORD?
Check every one of those large fuses under the hood. Mine did this and it cost 200.00 including the tow to replace a fuse!!
I have the same problem, can you advise what you didi nto get it fixed Thanks
My Fuse box is disconnected under the hood of 93 honda accord Where does this cord connect to A1 battery
I had the same intermittent issue where dropping the hood fixed it, until it didn't. All fuses good, full charge in battery and what looked to be all solid connections... Then after a good wiggle on the hot terminal the cables slipped out of the clamp. Reset the cables and tightened them in and all was well.