My car has "jerked" when accelerating from a complete stop. What's happening? on 2007 BMW 750i

It has happened on three occasions in the past month. Each time, I'm accelarating from a stop (red light) and boom, something catches. I have 73k miles on this pre-owned vehicle.

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I don't have an answer I have the same problem with my 20007 bmw 750i
Big Mitch, I took it to the dealership and initially they wipe the computer memory thinking it was "overloaded" and causing a communication delay. The problem resurfaced about two months later. I took it back and it was determined that there was a tear in the ??trasmission sleeve?? which was causing the fluid to run low; leading to the transmission jerking. I was still under the powertrain warranty so there was no cost associated with it. Hope this helps.
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Check your camshaft sensor