my car has been losing power and having trouble starting acting as if out of gas on 2012 Chevrolet Malibu

I took to Chevy dealer they could not find anything wrong. After a week they I pick my car back up from dealer and made a stop , when I went to start the car back up , it would not start. After 39 minutes It finally did start , just as tow truck came to tow. No one can find out what is wrong . PLEASE any help would be so appreciated . I am single parent and am concerned to go out on highway , or anywhere until I can get problem fixed.

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The fuel pump and filter is the common problem on those with that symptom, Proven and verified.
the Chevy dealership is telling me they can not find anything wrong . When they put on machine will the results show that this is the problem? And thank you
The machine will not show the fuel pump. Honestly a fuel pressure gauge will need to be use band the car duplicate the fault to be able to see it.
U Bet let me know.
I had the same problem with my 2006 Malibu. Even had a zone manger look at it. Ended up taking it to a small mechanic who repaired it for $80. I cant remember the part he replaced but please don't spend your money with all of the trouble shooting.
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you should have all data recorded on your car at that point it can be downloaded and reviewed frame by frame to pinpoint the issue