My car has 150k miles on it,its maintenance required light has turned red? on 1997 Honda Accord

I have accord 1997 since 6months, it has 150k miles on it, its maintenance required light has turned red. Since few days it is not giving good gas mileage. Can anyone help me what to do with a problem like that?

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Do you have the owners manual?
Get one! Save you all this trouble.
Sesrch youtube, very nice little video on this.
As for the mpg, may be time for a tune up.
But i have an other problem, car is not giving good gas milage, it is consuming to much gas
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Was the timing belt ever replaced? Not related directly , but if it's let go , you can plan on just getting another engine (or car).
The Maint light is to let you know to get your emission system checked. To shut it off, push and hold the odometer/trip button on the cluster. Hold it down while turning the key on, not start, and hold up to 15 - 30 seconds, until the light goes out. Most common there is another way on others.
Yea i know how to turn it back to green, but the thing is my car is not giving a good milage on gas? Can any one help me with that?
If you were here I could scan your car and give you that information; Like #1 said good time for a tune up, that being said the light is also letting you know to get it checked. Could be 1 problem your using lots of gas, also many possibilities as to why it's using lots of gas. Without testing it is very hard to narrow it down. Sorry, thought you wanted the light out as well.
Yea, but what in gnrl would u think could be the problem?
Could be injectors, pressure regulator, ignition, some sensors for drive ability concerns, etc.
Someone told me to change the following stuff like(pcv value, distributor cap & rotor, spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, plug wires) what do u think it will help or no?
That is called a tune up! That is what we have been 'trying' to tell you to do. As stated, we cannot check your car out and have given you all the advice we think will help. The rest is up to you!
Yea, I am saying will these things help?
Your question has been answered! Tune up yesssssssssss