2001 Volvo S60 Q&A

2001 Volvo S60 Question: My car engine stopped while driving. When I tried starting it, it wouldn't start

My engine stopped while car was on motion. I pulled over an tried igniting the car but the engine won't start. What might be the cause? This is the first time I am experiencing this -
Answer 1
Could be a number od different reasons. If the engine is cranking over(starter motor turns engine when you turn key) first thing that comes to my mind due to the age is a failed timing belt. You may even notice that the engine appears to sound different when trying to start (engine spins faster due to lack of compression) Best call for a tow and have it taken to a reliable shop/technician. -
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Thank you so much.it was actually the time belt. What other parts can this affect? -
Comment 2
Reccommend water pump be replaced and all belts at same time. Oil seals should be inspected very closely along with belt tensoiners. -