My car dropped down and I took it in to be repaired. It has dropped again now. on 2006 Mercedes-Benz R350

Im told it needs a strut on front drivers side replaced. Air pressure regulator replaced. Passenger air bag indicator light to be calibrated. What did I pay for when I took it in?

by in Houston, TX on April 17, 2013
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ANSWER by on April 17, 2013
may want to consider conversion to mechanized suspension(more reliable).
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COMMENT by on April 17, 2013
Whats the difference with mechanized suspension?
COMMENT by on April 17, 2013
all machined parts. no air system. you don't have to worry about compressor pump, air lines or air bags.
ANSWER by on April 17, 2013
Take it back to place of repair and see what they can do. Air ride is the smoothest way to go!

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