my car doesn't start on 1995 Ford Mustang GT

I bought a 95 Mustang GT about 2 months ago and I was driving it when suddenly everything went off. Since then, it cranks but it doesn't start. I need to find an auto repair center which specialized in mustang. Can anybody help me.

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There is a directory you can use to find places close to you.

Your car could have had a fuel pump failure, a fuel pump relay failure, or even the fuel pump cut off inertia switch could have been tripped. I'm thinking fuel because of what you said has happened, although it could be something else as well. Hopefully you will find a reputable shop nearby that can help. Good luckl!
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If you lost power completely then I would start checking relays. Check the enertia switch back by the hatch to see if it was tripped but I doubt it. How much do you have? Let me know and Happy Holidays.
Did the inertia switch work, same thing happened to a friend of mine & that's all it was.
Ican help you I use to work for Ford. Call Ravenswood Auto Center in Wauatosa. 414.258.2905. We are reasonable and honest. Thanks!