1993 Mitsubishi Expo LRV Q&A

1993 Mitsubishi Expo LRV Question: My car doesn't start

they changed the speed sensor on my car and now it doesnt want to start, it sounds like the gas isn't passing what can it be? -
Answer 1
If it cranks over, then it can only be one of three things......lack of spark, lack of fuel, lack of compression. If it ran recently, I would concentrate on the spark and fuel. Was the "speed" sensor just replaced before the no start? Is it possible that it is a "crankshaft position sensor" instead? -
Comment 1
it was replaced before because it sounded acelarated so they changed the sensor and after that the car didn't want to start it has gas and when you spray starter fluid in it, it starts but it only stays on for a minute or less, they told me it might be a fuse or relay -
Comment 2
by any chance do you have an alarm on this vehicle ? if so you want to make sure it is disarmed. if you dont have a remote stick the key in to the driver door and lock and unlock it. -