My car doesnt make it to the 4th gear I want to know whats rong with it?
on 2002 Honda Civic

They told me that it can be the transmission switch range?

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The specific code(s) will help determine if the problem is engine or transmission related.Will need to have a scanner that is able to read both engine AND trans control modules.
so does the transmission range have anything to do with it?
It's one of the inputs to the TCM, so yes it MAY be related.
what is the transmission range switch/sensor for?
Range/position switch. It indicates what position the gear selector lever is in.........nevermind........
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Do u have a check engine light on or any other warning lights on or flashing???
Yes I have a check engine light on
Do u have a way if retrieving the code???
How can I do that and what will that do?
if your trying to push it into gear and it wont go you might have blown the gear itself, if its not shifting into any gears or wont go into nuetral its going to be a clutch issue which will most likely involve you getting a new clutch.but if it wont pull into the gear then the spindle might have broken teeth thus not allowing the shifting bar to cross over it. Can you still put it in fifth gear?