my car dies when i am driving at anytime and then the chk engine light always on on 2005 Nissan Altima

after it dies i have the trac off light and the slip light come on then if shift to r or d really hard and i have hardly any power to drive this is happening more and more when hooked up to a tester the fault is cam position sensor a bank 2 and idle air control system what does it mean and what do i do i dont have alot of money to fix

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replace the cam sensor after you check wiring and connections at sensor...clear the codes and recheck, make sure you use a scanner that gives you a data stream not just a code reader
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no problem...good luck
Mine was also the cam shaft sensor and I paid $189 to replace it at Geralds and then contacted Nissan and after they told me my 2005 3.5 was not part of the recall I insisted there were many many cases involved so I faxed them my bill and they sent me a check for the amount. They were very helpful so contact them!
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I would recommend you to replace the camshaft position sensor first that's your main problem right now.
Let me know
thank you do have any idea how much it will cost
You have two camshaft position sensor spending on the parts will be range about 50-200 for both
Good luck
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Contact Nissan!