1998 Saturn SL2 Q&A

1998 Saturn SL2 Question: My car cut off while driving. Now it won't start up but the engine turns over??

I was driving down the freeway going 65 mph. My car has a oil problem and an acceleration prolem. With the acceleration problem I basically have to pump the gas pedal, the RPM hits 4 or 5 then it goes as fast as I'd like. Anyways, as I was driving the car just cut off. The RPM hit 0. When I try to turn it on, the lights and radio come on and it makes a vroom vroom sound. But it doesn't start up. I have a brand new starter so its not that. Any ideas? I was told it may be the fuel pump. I also put 4 things of oil and some oil sealant because I thought maybe that'd help. Please help me! -
Answer 1
AFTER you put 4 'things' of oil in it and the sealer , ............did you re-check the oil level??? Was it that low , or is it over-filled now? When the rpm hit '0' did you hear a squeak sound? -
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No, it was that low because of the oil problem. I'm not sure if I distinctively heard a squek. But I do remember like a cracking sound almost. -
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Just to be clear about the 'vroom' sound , the engine turns over (spins) , but won't start? If so , do you know if you're getting spark? whoever mentioned it might be fuel pump , was that a guess or did they check anything to verify no fuel pressure? Just a few questions to see which direction to head. -
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I'm not too good with cars. I apologize. But the man who towed me home looked under the hood and said he believed it was something minor such as the fuel pump. How do I know if I'm getting spark? -
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disconnect the thick wire from the coil and have a friend start the car.... -
Answer 2
Do you know anyone with car knowledge who can look at your car? That is your best bet. We can't do that from here. Hope it works out for you. -