My car began running roughly and has very little power. on 2001 Chrysler Sebring

The exhaust is white and one spark plug is covered in oil (around threads). I cannot really drive the car due to the lack of power. I replaced the spark plug and there was no change. Any suggestions?

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Are you saying the exhaust smoke is white?
Yes, the exhaust smoke is white.
White smoke is coolant; Consider finding someone to help you test for intake or head gasket diagnosis.
Thanks, I'll see what I can do.
Well, the oil is on the thread side of the plug and not the top side of the plug. I checked the valve cover plug seals and they seemed fine (I know that doesn't mean much). I can't get it out to the shop at the moment. I'm looking for some other possible solutions.
Leave that plug out, after car sits for awhile have a helper crank engine and see what comes out of that cylinder, from a safe position of course. Maybe unhook other coil connector's. Loosing coolant? Using oil?
It's not using coolant and it's just oil. I took the valve cover off and there's a little oil in the depressions in the valve rocker arm base (the unit above the valves). It doesn't look excessive but maybe a little more than expected.
Test compression! If that cyl is low, time for teardown inspection. If the plug tip where it fires is covered with oil, there is a problem inside of that cylinder.
That's where its at. Am I looking at a grand or more for repairs?
Most likely but no way to tell without more testing by a mechanic.
God luck with it!
Thanks brother. I really appreciate the great work you guys do.
Sure thing! Hate this happened at xmas! Maybe it wont be too bad. But hey, it's fixable!
Happy Holidays! Form RepairPal.