My Canyon is bone dry and I have 2000 miles before i need an oil change?? on 2007 GMC Canyon

I have a 07 Canyon with only 51000 miles on it and I have another 2000 miles to go before i need an oil change and my truck is bone dry. I do not see a leak. Has this happened to anyone or what I should do?

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Take your truck to a mechanic so it can be hoisted and checked out. IF it was properly filled at the last engine service, then it should be either smoking or leaking. Also improper oil life reset procedure may have been used at the last oil change!! IF that is what you use to determine the 'next' service.
My son has one just like it, no problems with OIL!!! So it is best to have this checked out by a MECHANIC.
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Bone dry? It is normal for engines to use oil, in most cases it isn't a lot of oil but everyone should be in the habit of checking and adding as required between services. Most of the oil consumption issues are routed in the use of products that failed to actually meet the engines specifications. The engine oil life system doesn't work if the oil used doesn't actually meet the specs. That's why your owners manual said one of the two following statements. "An oil with API service SM ILSAC GF4 and meets GM 6094M" or "An oil with API service SM ILSAC GF4 and meets GM 4718M". The oil had to meet the GM spec on top of the API specs to properly protect the engine. Today GM has made that easier for consumers by getting oil companies to license the dexos specification and put the label on the front of the bottle. Switching to dexos now will not slow the consumption measurably as the problem is most likely piston rings that are sticking in the ring lands. If you can control the oil level by adding as required you can run a long time like that.