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2006 Kia Spectra Question: My ca tries to turn over but doesn't. There's oil everywhere what's the issue?

I was driving on i-5 when I noticed my exhaust was emitting smoke I checked for my lights and temp but all was fine and when I pulled over the car stopped. I checked my oil levels and my engine oil was empty completely. After a few hours I added two quarts of oil to my car and it failed to turn over. Any help on what could be the problem and the cost of the repair? -
Answer 1
I'm sorry to tell you this.....but the engine may have seized up due to oil loss. Need to take to a shop and see if the engine can be saved. Hope for the best for you! You definetly have a major oil leak from where I don't know but, any driving right now will probably destroy the engine further. Tow to shop and get diagnosis. -
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If you like you can have the vehicle towed in and we can look at it for Free of charge and give you a estimate. Sorry for the possible Problems. -
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i had it looked at by my car insurance personnel and the said everything was good and told me i had a crack in my radiator. well i replaced the radiator and tried to start my car and it came close to starting but never did. is there anything else i could do? -
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Not really, they told you radiator and you believed them when you personally saw the lack of oil in the engine. The two items only can be linked together with a bad headgasket. Need to take to a shop and have inspection done. Loss of oil may have damaged the engine. Insurance companies look out for themselves, not you. -
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Well I can't get the care moved -