my buick regal is not staying start it seems to sputter when i turn it over on 2003 Buick Regal

it acts like i dont have gas in there although it literally full if it run when i turn it over all the needles(gas ,speedometor and all warning light except the check engine light) go on and off and flutter i roll the windows down and sametime as the needles flutter so do the windows i was told it was bad gas but i beg to differ seeing as that could be highly rare at this point im lost and is wondering if maybe an old problem has something to do with it.the old problem im talking about is one day i decided to give someone a jump and the gut hooked the jumper cables up the wrong way when i went to turn the car on it died completely and would not respond we then took them off and the car restarted basically and was back normal we then reconnected them the correct way and was able to proceed with the jumpstart of his car a few week later my car started having problem with out of no where dieing and and wouldnt it also would make the killswitch alarm arm on the car not sure if its electrical or maybe just gas pump issues

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