My brakes make a squealing noise when I back up. on 2004 Toyota Solara

The brakes have been replaced twice this year

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Did the installer machine (turn) the brake rotors? Where were the brake pads purchased, do you know? The BEST thing to have installed on your Toyota car, is oem Toyota brake pads. I know that for a fact! Not that much more money and the right composition!
Works well on my Camry, have tried some of the other 'top quaility' pads but they just don't measure up. Noisy and dont stop as well. Call Haley Toyota and get a price on the pads from the parts dept. then compare the prices. You will be supprised.
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could be cheaper pads.where di you get parts?
Could be good, just glazed. Happens all the time here in Texas, dirt roads, rain!
No dirt roads in Roanoke Va. Lol.
Still glazed unless brake rider hard on brakes