my brakes feel like there grabbing on 1999 GMC Suburban 1500

when i hit my brakes i get grinding? like i have to let go of the brakes and press it my abs sensor?? there is a box ontop by the engine the abs. a local mechanic told me i need to replace the abs box which would cost 1000?? the mechanic was meineke and i think they was trying to rip me off.. so a friend told me to unplug the wires and youll just have regular brakes.. i did and so far so good with out abs?? anybody with info please help these ny mechanics cost to much.. thanks

by in Tobyhanna, PA on October 19, 2009
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ANSWER by , October 20, 2009
Were the ABS lights on when the "box" was connected? If so, then the codes will need to be read out and diagnosed. There is likely a fault in the module, the wheel speed sensors or the wiring, but it will require a diagnosis to know for sure.
COMMENT by , October 21, 2009
thanx for giving good info.. the problem is that my abs light never came on?? and do you think if i continue with the wires unplugged will i be alright?? its been about two months and the only reason i ask because winter is here........... also how much do you think this would run? hopefully less then that 1000 they want??
COMMENT by , October 21, 2009
also how much you think this would run???? hopefully less then that 1000 they want.
COMMENT by , October 21, 2009
When the ABS module is disconnected you will still have normal braking, you just wont have the ABS functionality. I can't say how much it will cost to fix because the problem has not been determined, this will require a diagnosis. A shop would charge about minimum of an hour to start to look into this type of problem.