My Brakes are making noise? on 1994 Honda Civic

About a week ago when this knocking noise started coming from what sounds like the front right wheel. It only happens under 25 mph, the knocking slows down and gets louder as I get closer to 0, and if I push the brake pedal down softly I hear it but if I brake hard the noise goes away. People tell me it could be Tie rods or my ball joint??

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Noises are some of the most difficult things to diagnose. I have never experienced tie rods or ball joints making a knocking noise when braking. I would suspect it's something to do with the brake calipers, brake pads or rotors. I have seen the stainless steel shims that hold the brake pads cause a noise when braking. I would have a qualified technician take a good look at the brakes to see what's going on.
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check your wheel bearings or you might have a bent hub if you hit something like a pothole,your brakes are prollly running down and there is a warning clip that rubs the rotor,ball joint will make noise while driving and turning a loud screech noise,hope this help good luck.