my brake,abs,vdc,& slip console lights illuminate Intermittently without warning on 2008 Infiniti QX56

I Then Lose 50 % Of My Braking,With A Spongy Grinding Noise.!!!This Is Terrifying & Extremely Dangerous,Please Help...I've Had Master Cylinders Brake Pads & Reprogramming.Some Idiot Even Tried To Say My Cruise Control Sensor Unit Was The Cause..

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Does it sound the same as when your anti-lock brakes would ,when you would drive in snow and try to stop quickly? Have you had it to a shop that could scan for ABS codes , if you have them post them here.
Yes That's Exactly The Sound.. Why Wouldn't These So Called Auto Experts,Have The Training To Do This From The Start.. Thank You, Ill Let The Expert Know Maybe He Should Scan For Abs Codes ..Do You Know What Component Is Causing This Problem ?
I had new brake shoes put on last summer. I don't drive much and rarely out of town. But it still makes a noise like dragging on occasion. Not all the time, but especially when its wet or damp out.
A speed sensor or wiring got damaged during the brake job MAYBE.
Thank You Very Much For Your Time And Help, I Will Keep You UpDated As To My Findings...
please do! It helps us all.
Tech's From Jim Coleman Infiniti In Bethesda Md Finally Corrected My Brake Light & Loss Of Brake Issue On My 2008 Infiniti Qx56,,They Replaced The ABS ACTUATOR ASSEMBLY # ANT-47660-ZQ23B Cost Without Warranty Parts & Labor Approx 1300 Dollars,,PLEASE NOTE:DO NOT TAKE YOUR INFINITI TO ANY NISSAN DEALER THEY CANNOT & WILL NOT REPAIR YOU VEHICLE CORRECTLY..TAKE YOUR CAR TO AN AUTHORIZED INFINITI DEALER..NISSAN AND INFINITI ARE NOT THE SAME..