My brake lights do not light up after replacing brake switch fuses and bulbs on 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

However, the tail lights and back up lights works please advsie me what could be the ptroblem

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Do sig. and 4 way flasher lights work? Brake and sig. on same circuit.
Poss.sig. light switch even if sig. lights work. Unplug brake switch and
cross over with jumper and see if brake lights are on.
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or if adjustable it may need that
Check the harness for broken wires or loose plug connections. Has there ever been any body work done on the tailgate?
I had a similar problem brake lights & blinkers all worked until dark when I would turn my headlights on tail lights worked, but while pressing on brake there were no tail lights nor brake lights. I found online that you can take the bulbs out of fixture & inside are 2 small metal connectors (for bulb)I took a small flat headed screw driver and pried them both up gently just a little then replaced old bulbs & problem was fixed..! All lights work now, Just not good connection I suppose. Maybe this can be to some help..
You may have a bad brake light switch. Have you checked for power and ground at the socket?