My brake light is coming on and I am leaking brake fluid, how much is the repair? on 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan

My brake light came on, so I bought brake fluid to put in and the guy at the store said to get it checked asap. I also noticed a stain on my driveway...

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Where is the leak? Is the stain from the front or rear? These caravans have a pair of proportioning valves just forward of the left rear wheel, mounted to the frame. These valves are prone to leakage. Let me know if that's about where the leak is. If not it is necessary to have a technician inspect the vehicle for leak location to get an idea what repairs are due.
I have the same problem and the leak is coming from the rear box.
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You need to have a shop examine this before any one can tell you how much this repair will cost and you need to repair this right away as its a safety issue as it could be a brake line, caliper etc thats leaking and you can locate a shop near you here