My blower quit working on 2002 Honda Civic

When i ground out my motor it only works on high speed regardless of the selector fan speed i know this is more than likley caused by the resistor and i know its in behind the glove box and when i look back there i see three blocks behind the ecm 1 brown 1 blue and 1 black is one of these them?

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Power is supplied to the blower motor fan through the fan blower relay on the Blue/White wire, you have verified that the power on the blue white wire is good, so the 40 Amp fuse to pin 3 of the blower relay is good and pin 3 of the blower motor (protected by the 10 Amp fuse under dash fuse box is OK.
If power is present Key On Engine Off on the Blue White Wire at the Motor, the Blue/Black wire is grounded by the "blower motor power transistor". With the glove box removed the power transistor is at the bottom left side of the glove box opening. The wires going to it are as follows, pin 1 blue/black from fan motor, pin2 blue/yellow is from heater control panel, pin 4 is a control from a transistor with in the heater control panel, pin 3 is ground on this unit.
Check resistance between Blue/Black and Blue/Red wires at unit resistance should be 1.4 to 1.5 kilo ohms, if not power transistor is bad.