my blower motor was not working i on 2002 Volvo S40

I thought the dial may have broke I was testing the blower motor and the 25amp fuse blew out now none of my conotrols work the heater defroster heated seats stopped working the fuse is good is there a fuseable link or a main fuse? Thank you!

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I'm not fluent specifically on Volvo's, but what you are experience is typical of a wiring issue at the blower motor resistor - or a faulty blower motor resistor itself.
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I would need to know more. How where you testing a fuse? Also where all the controls not working before you started testing. I think you have a resistor for blower out or blower motor. Again, I would need more info.
part number is MJ802 for the power transistor needed to fix the blower resistor