1993 Ford Explorer Q&A

1993 Ford Explorer Question: my blinker stoped working and im trying to see where is the fuse for the blinkers at

my blinker stoped working when i was driveing im try to see what fuse do i need and where do it go -
Answer 1
just one side or all, if all could be a flasher for the blinkers if just one side could be just the buld, try your hazard lights or emergercy lights, see if they blink. if they blink your flasher is good. -
Comment 1
ok the hazard lights work its just when im inside the truck an try to turn the blinkers dont blink at all on both sides -
Answer 2
If none of the turn signals work it could be a fuse. Consult you owner’s manual. It will tell you where all the fuses are. If it’s only one it could be a bulb, socket, ground or etc. If you want us to check this out for you just call and schedule an appointment (313-562-7022). I am sure we can figure it out. Larry -