My belts squeek everytime I start my car, especially when it's cold weather... on 2001 Mitsubishi Galant

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Is there anything I can use to stop the squeelling? I had the belts checked and was told that they are not loose, so what can I do?
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The belts may be fine- for now. But the belts aren't the problem. One of your belt driven accessories (power steering, alternator, watere pump, a/c compressor) are starting to fail or lock up causing the belt to drag across the pully making the noise you're hearing.
Okay, what should I do because I had my mechanic look at the belts a couple of weeeks ago when he replaced a bearing in the rear wheel and a right front axle. He said he checked the belts and they were fine. So, what recommendation can you give for me to give him? Thanks