my battery,alternator,connections,power train control module on 1993 Saturn SW2

A mechanic replaced everything listed here: the battery,alternator,all the cable and connections,and also the PCM (power train control module).He has had to reinspect my vehicle because the car will not restart back up again. What is causing this? Everytime I try to start up my vehicle, its dead and wont start. I then get a jump from someone. I let the car run and let the battery recharge up again. As soon as I shut off the ignition whether its off for hours or two seconds, the vehicle refuses to restart back up again until it is jumped by another car.What is caausing this problem?

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If the car starts with a jump from a good battery, then you must have a battery voltage problem in your vehicle. Also recheck the cable installation, are the connections clean and tight on the cables and the battery terminals?
Has anyone put a voltmeter on the battery or the starter when the attempt is made to start it? I'd like to hear the results of that.
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